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#33 - We are back! Did you miss us?

Joe and Greg are back! It's been almost exactly one year since our last episode. We hope that you enjoy the show.

#32 - Stacks 4 Released, WS Conference 2019 and more updates

In this episode, Joe and Greg talk all about the Stacks 4 launch, Weaver's Space Conference 2019 and general updates.

#31 - Stacks 4 Beta is almost here!

The Stacks 4 beta is almost here! Greg and Joe talk about all of the awesome new features coming to Stacks 4. You can get early access to Stack 4 now on the YourHead P...

#30 - Greg had a baby! And user feedback...

Greg added a new member to his family! We catch up with Greg and answer some user feedback from previous shows.

#29 - Deliver Email Reliably to Bypass SPAM

In this episode, Joe and Greg talk all about delivering email reliably so that your email does not get trapped inside spam filters.

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